Biomechanical Assessment
A biomechanical assessment is a consultation that uses up-to-date podiatric knowledge to assess/identify the underlying causes of common foot problem. more

Nail and Skin Treatment
Treatment of nail and skin foot problems includes removing the hard skin of corns and callus which brings instant relief to patients. more

Orthotics sit under your feet.  They are prescribed after a biomechanical assessment and are used to improve foot function, support the foot as the foundation for the body and to redistribute forces through the foot and lower limb. more

Sport Shoe Lacing for Comfort
Suggestions on lacing systems that can help you with specific foot in shoe fitting problems. more

Sports Footwear Advice
There are many different types of shoes that are available on the market but the question that is constantly asked is “What type of shoes is right for me?” and “How do I know if it is a good shoe?” 
We can help. more

Treatments for Fungal Nails
Fungal toe nails is New Zealand‘s most common nail complaint. more

Treatments for many other common complaints
We have an extensive range of services we provide. more