Catherine Kelly Podiatrist

My ambition to become a Podiatrist began when I was treated by a Podiatrist as an 11 year old with ongoing heel pain.    I was treated by a podiatrist with orthoses to overcome this problem, but I was really interested in this profession where I would be able to work with people and help them to achieve the goals that they had too.  I was aware that whilst Podiatry is a specialised profession it is also diverse in the types of treatment that Podiatrists are able to provide.  I knew the relief that my Nana had from regular visits to her Podiatrist allowed her to keep walking without being hindered by corns and callus. 

I completed my Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry and returned to Christchurch to begin my career.  Since that time I have broadened my knowledge by completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine through Otago University. 

I enjoy using my practical skills and theoretical knowledge to treat each of my clients individually, customising their treatments and developing a plan which will help them achieve their goals, working alongside other health professionals when appropriate and delivering the best result in a timely manner. 

My aim is to get you back to your chosen activity, whether that be high level sporting endeavours or day to day life, and I am passionate about keeping people healthy and achieving their fitness goals.

If you would like to make an appointment to see me call now 343-4345, or for further information on how I can help you contact me now.